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NLS Port Builder - Flour, coloured & UV-reactive powder! 15 Sept AM/PM

Flour and Powder NLS Portfolio Builder!
Saturday 15th September


Shoot flour and coloured powder! Materials provided and the room will be pre-set - just turn up and shoot! No set up, no tidy up!


Most importantly: We are experienced at shooting fine powders with flash lights *safely*!
Lighting and technical help will be provided throughout
Beginners welcome :)

These events sell out well in advance so book fast to avoid disappointment!

Choice of 2 sessions each with an experienced professional model working up to art nude:

AM session 9am - 1pm: Model Em Theresa 
PM session 2pm - 6pm: Model Miriam

Each session is £100/person*
>CLICK HERE< to book, and select the session you would like to attend :)

*Please note we require full payment in advance for these events due to the set up costs involved